Encrypt your mail
Protect your privacy.

Using PipeMail to send mails,

only the sender and recipient can decrypt the mail.

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The Problems With Traditional Mailboxes

In the past few decades, the mail system has brought us great convenience, but at the same time it has many problems.

01. Personal information is required

When you register for X-Mail, you must provide your information to the X-Mail operator. In most cases, your identity can be determined from this information.

03. Your are being monitored

Mailbox operators have been providing your mail to the government. Believe it or not, your emails have been, are, and will be monitored
all the time. It's almost common sense.

05. Non-real-time transmission

Due to networks, time zones, etc., mail is not always delivered in time. But sometimes we may need to receive some instant information by mail, such as verification codes.

02. Clear text transmission, no privacy

Emails are sent in clear text without encryption. Although some mailbox provide the option of encrypted sending, that is only psychological comfort. In short, you don't have any privacy.

04. A flood of spam

Since sending email is almost free, anyone who knows your email address can send you an email. This has led to the proliferation of spam such as advertisements, promotions, etc.

06. Attachment size is limited

Generally, attachments sent with emails are limited in size. If your attachment is large, you may need to split it into several or send it multiple times.

What kind of mail system do we need?

First, users are basically not required
            to provide personal information.

Then, email content cannot be leaked.

Third, users are not bothered by spam.


PipeMail is such a mail system.

What are the advantages of PipeMail?

If you want to use PipeMail, you don't have to provide any information, all you have to do is connect
to your digital wallet.

Almost No Registration Required

Mail is encrypted with user's public-key. No one else including PipeMail can get the raw data, only the encrypted data.

User-Controlled Encryption

Only the sender and recipient can decrypt the mail, no one can monitor your mails.
Your privacy can be completely protected.

Privacy Is Protected

PipeMail is developed in Solidity, that is, any server capable of running Solidity code can run PipeMail.

Good Compatibility & Portability

To send mail using PipeMail, the sender must pay for gas. This greatly reduces the amount of spam.

Almost No Spam

When sending an mail with PipeMail, you can transfer digital asset with it.

Transfer ERC20 & NFT

Quick Start Guide

Please choose your usage.

Personal Use


For My Dapp


You can : ① send mails to others  ② donate to a Dapp  ③ send digital assets



Provide Your Public Key


Provide Your Public Key

Mail is encrypted with public key. Providing public key does not put your address at risk of being stolen.


Choose a NFT as a Stamp


Choose a NFT as a Stamp

In PipeMail, your mail must be stamped.
What is the Stamp? The NFT. Any NFT could be a stamp.


Write & Send


Write & Send

PipeMail will not limit the size of attachments in the future, but at this stage, attachments are up to 10M.

   Who is PipeMail for ?

If you are a web3 user, maybe you need a web3-style email software to send messages, especially one that can protect privacy.

Web3 User

If you are a dapp operator, maybe you need a web3-style email software to communicate with your users.

Dapp Operator

PipeMail is for anyone.
If you don't want your email to be leaked, PipeMail is probably one of the best email software.

It's You

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